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  • What's the best way to communicate with my Travel Designer?

    After our complimentary intake call, communication during your trip planning process will be mainly through email. If you would like to discuss your trip to any extent by phone, we are more than happy to do so. To ensure our attention is focused completely on you and your vacation, please preschedule calls when possible by booking it through our calendar HERE (Also, we understand completely if an urgent concern comes up, so exceptions will be made, of course!)

  • Can I text you my questions?

    No. We will communicate primarily through TravelJoy and email. Your emails are always important to us and we will always answer them as promptly as possible. We prioritize emails by current travelers first followed by confirmed travelers. Please refrain from text messaging questions or information to your Travel Designer, as well as reaching out via Facebook and Instagram DM's. Keeping our communication completely through email and phone calls helps us keep a running history of our conversations and ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

  • What is the benefit of working with one of your Travel Designers?

    Our team of Travel Designers are hand picked, and their expertise and services continue to be highly valuable to clients. Travel agencies still play a crucial role in the travel industry, and that was verified time and time again during 2020. While technology has made it easier for travelers to book certain aspects of their trips online, our Travel Designers bring first-hand knowledge a high-touch experience, unmatched connections, and in-destination support.

  • What are your office hours?

    Our hours at our Main Headquarters are: Monday and Wednesday 10am - 5pm ESTTuesday and Thursday 10am - 7pm ESTFriday 10am - 4pm EST*Your specific Travel Designer may also offer weekend and evening hours by appointment only. Each of our Travel Designer's keeps their own hours, please reach out to them to learn about their schedules.
    Note: If you are traveling, we are available for emergencies through our Traveler Emergency Hotline. Please reference your final travel documents for that number.

  • When will I receive my travel documents?

    We will provide you with a copy of your final travel documents via email approximately 30 days prior to your travel date. Depending on the Service Suite package you selected, you may also receive access to your travel itinerary via a personalized digital itinerary app.

  • How do I make payments towards my trip?

    Once we confirm your itinerary and you are ready to make a deposit, we will send over a secure credit card authorization form and invoice through TravelJoy. Your credit card isn’t charged immediately upon authorization, but what this does is give us all of the information we need as well as permission to make charges on your behalf. Your information is then saved, so you can easily revisit your invoice and make future payments quickly and easily. You will receive an automatic email every month should you wish to make a monthly payment towards your trip. No payments you authorize are ever automatic, they are all manually entered by our team.

  • What if I need to cancel my trip?

    We get it, things happen! Although being protected by travel protection is highly advisable by us here at the agency, it is up to you whether you have it or not. We work with an exclusive insurance protection company to help protect your trip from the "what if's"! All cancellations are subject to a non-refundable $50 per room fee imposed by us here at DOT in addition to any supplier, hotel, and airline penalties. Cancellations can take a lot of time and paperwork to complete on our end, as we want you to get the maximum refund back possible. The cancellation fee must be paid prior to us being able to cancel your trip and will be invoiced separately to you.

  • Can I make changes to my trip before and after booking?

    Yes, absolutely! After you’ve looked the initial proposal over, we can talk through any changes that you would like to make. Depending on the Professional Planning Package you secured with us will determine how many revisions we can provide. Should you need additional changes beyond that amount, there is an additional fee to do so.After your trip is booked, there will be a $50 non-refundable fee for a major change as making any sort of change can take time and additional paperwork. It will be at DOT discretion what constitutes as a major change. This change fee will be invoiced to you separately.Also, some changes (like with airlines) may also have a supplier change fee that is out of our control. These change fees must be paid prior to any changes being made.

  • What types of fees do you charge for your services?

    We offer a complimentary intake call to see if we are a good fit and learn a bit more about what type of trip you are looking for.Should you wish to move forward we have a Service Suite in place depending on the type of trip you're taking and what you'd like handled by our agency. This fee is good for 6 months from the date you receive your first proposal and is non-refundable should you decide you no longer want to book. Please see our terms and conditions for further details regarding our agency fees and visit our Service Suite HERE

  • Do you get better rates than if I booked myself?

    Our goal is to ensure that you have the best experience possible that is perfectly matched to your vision and interests. There are many times that we do have access to negotiated rates, but the real value is in how we can save you time, stress and frustration either prior to traveling or while actually in the destination If you're looking for a custom-made seamless planning and travel experience, we'd love a chance to show you the difference of working with our team of Travel Designers.

  • Do you work with VRBO or AirBNB?

    We do not work with properties that are individually managed. We are unable to stand behind the quality of individually owned properties. If you are looking for options with shared space (like a living room), we will work with our partners to find vetted villas, apartments, and/or hotels that meet your needs.

  • Why do you provide bundled package rates?

    As a modern travel agency, our focus is on curating comprehensive travel experiences rather than just providing individual component prices. We take a holistic approach to trip planning, considering various factors such as accommodations, transportation, activities, and additional services to create a seamless itinerary tailored to your preferences. By bundling these components together, we can leverage my industry relationships to secure the best overall value for your trip.

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